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Siphon Coffee Maker Reviews

KitchenAid Siphon Brewer

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KitchenAid KCM0812OB Siphon Coffee Brewer

Bodum ePEBO

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KitchenAid Siphon Brewer

KitchenAid KCM0812OB Siphon Coffee Brewer
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Bodum ePEBO

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Nispira Belgian Brewer

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Siphon coffee brewing is one of the oldest coffee brewing methods dating back to the mid 19th century. It has remained popular for its theatrical brewing style and the quality of coffee it produces. Siphon coffee makers, also known as vacuum coffee makers, combine immersion style brewing with filter brewing, using the simple process of a temperature-driven vacuum to brew coffee. Taste-wise, you get the full bodied flavour of immersion brewing and the cleanness of filtration. The result is very smooth, easy drinking coffee that still has a boldness to it. Good siphon coffee can be enjoyed black, even if you tend to prefer the addition of cream. From start to finish, siphon brewing is a perfect symphony of mechanics and gastronomy. 

How Does a Siphon Coffee Maker Work?

Part of the beauty of a vacuum coffee maker is the simplicity of the mechanisms it relies on. It brews based on expansion/contraction theory and the vacuum created by pressure difference. A siphon coffee maker consists of two chambers connected by a siphon with a filter inside. The chambers are typically glass, often positioned horizontally. The bottom chamber is filled with water and heated until the water expands into the top chamber. Coffee grounds are added to the hot water, which then filters down through the siphon and back into the bottom chamber as it cools. 

The science behind this process is called the expansion/contraction theory. When you heat something, it obtains more heat energy, meaning its particles start to move faster. A substance like water expands because the heated water particles need more room to move around. When the water cools, its particles contract and move closer together. So when you heat the lower chamber of a siphon coffee maker, the water moves through the siphon into the upper chamber through the process of expansion. The chain inside the siphon creates a surface for bubbles to form, so that the chambers don’t explode. Once the water has moved to the upper chamber and mixes with the grounds, you turn the heat off. As it cools, the water contracts and filters back down to the lower chamber as coffee.

Another process is also at play here. As vapour condenses, it creates a vacuum (this has to do with gravity, and the drop in temperature when you remove the heat). The imbalance of pressure created between the two chambers is part of what draws the coffee back down into the lower chamber once the heat is removed. This is why this coffee brewing method is often referred to as vacuum brewing. All you have to do is control the heat, mix the grounds, and watch as science brew your coffee for you.

Why Siphon Coffee is Best

Siphon coffee brewing is widely revered for its delicious tasting coffee. From a technical perspective, properly brewed siphon coffee has the potential to be the best cup of coffee you’ve ever tasted. The reason it produces such clean and flavourful coffee is because it combines the benefits of both immersion and filtered coffee. You get the body and complexity of immersing your coffee grounds in the water, but the clean taste of filtered coffee as it passes through the filter and down the siphon. If you’re a fan of pour over coffee, the siphon method will no doubt impress you. Siphon brewing is unique in its ability to bring out all the best flavours and really take full advantage of everything your coffee beans have to offer. This is not a cheap, quick cup of coffee, and it shouldn’t be. Siphon brewing is all about the dramatic display and pure enjoyment of brewing fantastic coffee. 


KitchenAid Siphon Brewer
Best All-Around

KitchenAid KCM0812OB Siphon Coffee Brewer
 Why We Love It

Performs well, and is built to last

Who Should Buy This

Those who want a little bit of everything

KitchenAid makes a lot of great all-around products. They are built to perform well, are user friendly, and generally affordable. Though its name is a mouthful, the KCM0812OB Siphon Coffee Brewer has all these qualities. It’s a sturdy siphon brewer with glass carafes, stainless steel accents, and a stand alone heating element. Attaching and detaching the conventional siphon chambers can be a bit tedious, but the process is made easy with the KitchenAid. It has a drip style pot functioning as the heating carafe. This is a handy design feature for measuring and pouring compared to traditional designs, which can be awkward to use.  Despite its user-friendly, function-forward design, the KitchenAid still manages to maintain some of the unique aesthetic of traditional siphon brewers. It’s perhaps a little less sophisticated in terms of style than some other brewers on our list, but the KitchenAid offers everything you need and more at a good price.


  • Boiling carafe doubles as coffee pot
  • Durable build quality
  • Functional and user friendly
  • Trusted KitchenAid reputation


  • Less sophisticated aesthetic


Bodum ePEBO

Most User Friendly

The Best Siphon Coffee Maker 5
 Why We Love It

It makes siphon coffee easy for anyone

Who Should Buy This

Anyone who wants siphon coffee without the fuss or learning curve

The Bodum ePEBO takes the hard work out of siphon coffee making. If you’re familiar with the popular Bodum PEBO, this model is essentially the same but with an electric burner. It comes with an electric heating base and removable lower carafe with a coffee pot handle. It has pre-calibrated brewing temperatures and can make up to 8 4-oz cups in under 11 minutes. The lower carafe is made of BPA free plastic, so if you’re someone that prefers to optimize your coffee’s flavour with glass containers, you might find this a bit of a drawback. But if you’re not overly picky about the details and you want a siphon coffee maker that’s more user friendly, the ePEBO is a great choice. The base also has a keep warm option so you can drink your coffee slowly over a longer period of time. It’s also a fairly compact design as far as siphons go, making it ideal if you’re low on counter space.


  • Very user friendly
  • Compact size for a siphon brewer
  • Includes electric burner
  • Affordable option


  • Plastic carafe not for everyone
  • Not for those who like being hands on


NISPIRA Belgian Siphon Brewer
The Fancy Option

The Best Siphon Coffee Maker 6
 Why We Love It

It looks and functions like a work of art

Who Should Buy This

Anyone who appreciates the mechanics and craftsmanship of coffee making

Aesthetically and mechanically, the Nispira is easily one of the most appealing siphon coffee makers you can get. Like something out of a 19th century laboratory, the Nispira is constructed with gold, copper or chrome coloured stainless steel, frosted glass and a wooden boardbase. It functions slightly differently than a standard siphon brewer. It consists of a brewing flask, vacuum flask and counter weight, siphon, and spirit lamp. The vacuum brewing works the same way, but rather than being vertically positioned, the vacuum flask sits horizontal to the brewing flask, balances with the counterweight as the water heats, and drops as it fills with coffee. There is a spout attached to the vacuum flask through which you can release the coffee once it has brewed. The capacity is a bit smaller at only 3-5 cups, but it brews rich, clean coffee and is one of the most visually satisfying brew methods you’ll ever witness. Best of all, it’s actually cheaper than most mid range siphon brewers. 


  • Dramatic aesthetic
  • Unique brewing setup and pouring spout
  • Great price for what you get
  • Gold, copper or chrome options


  • Takes up coutner space
  • Only 3-5 cup capacity


Bodum PEBO
Best Budget Brewer

The Best Siphon Coffee Maker 7
 Why We Love It

It's an excellent siphon brewer at a great price

Who Should Buy This

Anyone who wants quality, without breaking the bank

The Bodum PEBO is one of the most popular siphon coffee makers, and for good reason. It has everything you want in a siphon brewer from its bulbous glass chemistry lab aesthetic to the high calibre of coffee it brews, the PEBO is the perfect siphon brewer for anyone with a tight budget. Unfortunately, the PEBO does not come with the burner and a few other accessories, which you have to buy separately. Bodum does make one specifically for this model. This coffee maker can’t be used on the stove top, so you need to make sure you get the proper style burner.  While that does detract from the great price point, you’re still getting a great deal with the Bodum PEBO. It’s easy to use, doesn’t take up too much space, and has all the satisfying aesthetics of a classic siphon brewer. Considering its simplicity and price point, it also brews fantastic tasting coffee - certainly better than any drip coffee.


  • Doesn't sacrifice quality or aesthetics
  • Excellent tasting coffee
  • Trusted brand in Bodum
  • Great affordable price


  • Heating element comes separately


Hario NEXT
Best Bang for Your Buck

The Best Siphon Coffee Maker 8
 Why We Love It

High performance and great taste for a low price

Who Should Buy This

Those who want to get the most out of their dollar

For anyone who likes to get the most bang for their buck, the Hario NEXT is a tough model to beat. It’s more affordable than our top choices on the list, but it delivers in every category. If you’re familiar with the Hario Technica, this is a very similar model with a few notable upgrades. For starters, the grip handle is much more sturdy and ergonomic, making it easier to maneuver. It also comes with both a metal and cloth filter, whereas the Technica has the cloth filter only. Other than that, the lid is a little different and the glass is shaped a bit differently, but nothing else of major consequence. This is a higher capacity siphon brewer, making up to 600 mL (5 cups) per brew. It’s hard not to make perfect coffee with a siphon brewer, and the Hario NEXT is no exception. If you want to make every dollar really count, the Hario NEXT will deliver.


  • Easy to use
  • Comes with heating element and stand
  • High capacity
  • Great tasting coffee


  • A bit bulky

What Syphon Coffee Maker is Right for Me?

  1. The Best All-Arounder: KitchenAid KCM0812OB

If you’re looking for a siphon brewer that leaves nothing to be desired, the KitchenAid KCM0812OB is our top choice. It’s easy to use, performs great, and is designed with functionality in mind. This is a siphon brewer with which you can easily replace your current go-to coffee system. With its drip style lower carafe, quality materials, and efficient brewing style, the KitchenAid is the best siphon brewer for anyone who wants it all in one machine. 

  1. Easiest to Use: Bodum ePEBO Coffee Maker

If you’re a little intimidated by the siphon brewing process and prefer your coffee to be hassle-free, Bodum has a siphon brewer for you. The ePEBO is the only electric heating base brewer on our list, and makes siphon brewing as easy as drip coffee. The heater is pre calibrated for the perfect brew, and the whole system is easy to use and easy to clean. For siphon brewing made easy, we recommend the Bodum ePEBO. 

  1. Best Aesthetics: Nispira Belgian Luxury Siphon Coffee 

It’s hard not to fall in love with the aesthetics of a nice siphon brewer. No matter which brewer you choose, siphon brewing is one of the most visually appealing coffee brewing methods, but the Nispira Belgian Luxury siphon brewer takes it to a whole new level. With its unique horizontal carafe setup and chemistry lab/european coffee shop aesthetic, the Nispira is easily one of the coolest looking coffee machines available. Better yet, it’s more than just a pretty face. The Nispira is built for quality and brews a coffee that tastes as good as it looks. 

  1. Bodum PEBO Coffee Maker: Best Budget Coffee Maker

If you want a great siphon brewer without spending too much money, the Bodum PEBO is your best bet. This is the original model to the ePEBO, but the two are very different. Rather than an electric base heater, the PEBO is designed to be used with the standard gas or alcohol burner. The biggest downside to the PEBO is that the burner is sold separately, but this is still a fantastic brewer at its price. It has all the quality you’d expect from the Bodum and a surprisingly sophisticated aesthetic for its price point. For excellent siphon coffee at a low price, check out the Bodum PEBO. 

  1. Best Bang For Your Buck: Hario NEXT Glass Siphon Coffee Maker

If you’re more about stretching every dollar, the Hario NEXT is our top choice for getting the most bang for your buck. This brewer is a little bulkier than some of the other models, but it’s high capacity and performs exceptionally well. It has a sturdy, ergonomic design, quality filters and materials, and brews up to 600 mL of coffee. Plus, it comes with everything you need to make great siphon coffee. To get the most out of each dollar, we recommend the Hario NEXT.

5 Things to Look for in a Siphon Coffee Maker

Material Quality 

Siphon coffee brewing is all about the aesthetics and flavour. The best way to ensure your siphon brewer meets these criteria is to look at the quality of the materials used. Things like borosilicate glass (basically strong, temperature resistant glass), metal and/or cloth filters, quality seals, and minimal plastic are generally signs of a quality coffee maker. It’s important not only for the resulting flavour of your coffee, but also for the longevity of your coffee maker. 

Heating Source

Siphon brewers are not designed to be used on the stovetop, so you’ll want to pay attention to the heating source required. Many siphon brewers come with their own electric element, or a gas or alcohol based burner. Generally speaking, it doesn’t really matter which style you choose in terms of flavour, but some people prefer the simplicity of an electric burner while others prefer the control and aesthetics of a gas or alcohol burner. Just make sure the burner you select is compatible with the model of brewer you have.


Siphon coffee brewers tend to be a bit bulkier than other coffee makers, by necessity of their design. They typically brew between 5 and 10 cups of coffee, so they’re not ideal if you’re more of a single serve kind of person. They also require a bit of patience, usually brewing to capacity within 10 or 15 minutes. The wait is well worth it, since it brews some of the best tasting coffee available, but they’re not for the rushed, grab-and-go coffee drinker. 


Siphon coffee makers are surprisingly affordable for the quality of coffee they brew. Because they have a certain artisanal appeal to them, it’s easy to go overboard with the design and cost, but don’t let yourself get too overzealous. Even mid range siphon brewers are capable of brewing profoundly fantastic coffee, so there’s really no need to spend a crazy amount of money unless you truly want to overdo it with fanciful coffee making. 


Frankly, there’s no reason for a siphon brewer to look boring. The very nature of the brewing process is inherently cool, and you’d almost have to go out of your way to design a siphon brewer that blends in with the crowd. If you ask us, the aesthetics of a siphon brewer are as much a part of it as the coffee itself. Siphons don’t just brew good coffee, they should be eye catching, so don’t settle for a siphon brewer that doesn’t make you feel at least a little bit joy to look at. 

The Best Siphon Coffee Maker
The Best Siphon Coffee Maker 9

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